Ingressus I
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MODEL Ingressus I
• Dimension (L X W X H), mm 186 x 106 x 36
• Power input (V) 12V DC
• Operating temperature (°C) 0 - 55
• Operating humidity (%) 10 - 80
• CPU 32-bit, 400MHz
• Flash Memory (MB) 128
• SDRAM (MB) 32
• Polarity protection Yes
• Fingerprint 3000
• Cards 30000
• Passwords 30000
• Transactions 100000
• Communications with Server TCP/IP, RS485
• Quantity of terminal 2
• Communication with terminals 2 x 26-bit Wiegand input. Each for 1 slave terminal (1 x RS485 input to support RS485 network)
(max 2 units)
• Push release button 1
• Door sensor 1
• AUX 1
• Types of AUX input supported Motion detector, passive DIR detector, curtain passive infrared detector, pet immunity PIR detector, two beam digital active infrared detector, heat detector
• Door lock (12VDC 10A form C relay) 1
• AUX output (30VDC 2A Form C relay) 1
• Types of AUX output supported Gas detector and compatible sensors, piezo strobe siren, electronic siren
• Main Features Door opening time (0-999s), Interlocking (lngressus II & IV only), Anti-pass back (Local only), Multi card unlocking, First card unlocking, Time zone (50), Holiday time zone, Permanent door release/ lock time zone, Day light saving time zone, Continuous verification of users
• Security Features Door force open alarm, Door open time out alarm, Fire linkage, Duress alarm, Door status and event (51 types)
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